Membership is open to all storytellers as well as listeners, from the novice to the seasoned, who share one thing in common: the love of telling stories.

Membership is open to all storytellers as well as story listeners.

Membership in the Guild is per calendar year and costs $25 per year, $15 for students with proof of student status. You may also join as a Lifetime Member for $1000. Membership status will provide event discounts to your family members.

If you choose to pay for your membership via PayPal, we’ve added a small service fee on to cover our PayPal costs. You do have the option to download the membership PDF, fill it out and send it in with a check.

Please visit our Membership Application page to join.

If you join the National Storytelling Network also, you will receive a 10% discount on membership by being a member of the Houston Storytellers Guild. Download their membership application and use affiliate code 1002883 to receive your 10% discount.


Our Financial & Life Supporters

Life Members
Scott & Maria Bumgardner
Alice Evergreen
James Ford Jr.
Dick (deceased 12-08) & Sheila Phillips
Jim Ohmart and Eileen Hatcher
Jeannine Pasini Beekman
C. “Paw-Paw” Pinkerton (deceased 2008)
Ken & Judy Wallis