Support “So What’s Your Story?”

KPFT is corporate-free, listener-sponsored, and we aim to keep it that way. “So what’s your story?” changes the way our community thinks and feels. The show transforms us and allows us to connect with others in ways we never thought possible. “So what’s your story?” is, simply put, a “Human” experience.

To help support our show, simply go to KPFT.ORG donations page,  indicate how you wish to pay, then scroll to “So, What’s Your Story”  as the show you designate for your generous support. Your donations WILL be earmarked for this show, so please be sure to click on it.

For us to continue to have a storytelling show, sponsored by the Guild, KPFT needs…REQUIRES feedback. Obviously POSITIVE feedback is best:). So we ask that you go the feedback form at the KPFT site, or call Ernesto (program manager) at 713-526-5738 to offer your comments, PLEASE! It’s very important.